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Rule Books – MUST READ

This page contains information on the World Bowls Rules Books, along with domestic regulations for the Federacion Española de Bolas (FEB), and how they can be obtained.

These MUST be read by all players before participating in any game.

Physical Copies

While we do provide digital versions below, many of them are translations which may be inaccurate, and may not contain the complete set of required rules. We recommend you purchase a printed copy to access all rules and to ensure you have a handbook form to carry with you.

World Bowls Rules Books of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls – 3rd Edition, including domestic regulations for the Federacion Española de Bolas (FEB), are available for 3€ per copy.

All active Members are encouraged to obtain a copy and to be well acquainted with the rules.

See Sales Items page for more information.

NEW: Digital Editions

For quick & free reading of the rules, we have provided as many rule books as possible below for you to download at your convenience. Please note that the first language listed is the language in which the document was written, and the second is a translation which may not be completely accurate.

World Bowls: Law of the Sport of Bowls book (Ley del deporte de Bowls) – EnglishSpanish

FEB: World Bowling Statutes and Playing Rules (Estatutos World Bowls)EnglishSpanish

FEB: Estatutos (Statutes / Bylaws)SpanishEnglish

FEB: Reglamento General (General Regulations)SpanishEnglish

FEB: Reglamento de Disciplina Deportiva (Sports Discipline Regulations)SpanishEnglish

FEB: Reglamento Liga Nacional de Bowling (National Bowling League Regulations)SpanishEnglish

English EN Español ES