Hacienda del Alamo Sports Centre

Club Rules

Members Dress Code – updated 8th May, 2018

The Full Dress Code.

Club blue, white or cream shirts or tops, with a collar. Ladies may opt to wear blouses, polo shirts or similar but always with a collar. If sleeveless, it must be of modest design covering the shoulders.

Club jackets, pullovers and/or weather proof garments in Club blue, white or cream.

White or cream tailored trousers or tailored Bermuda length shorts with alternatives for ladies being white or cream bowling skirts and dresses (minimum length mid-knee) or cropped tailored trousers. (Bermuda length shorts three inches or 7.5 cms above the knee to the middle of the knee.)


Smooth-soled, heel-less footwear designed for bowling. If footwear not designed for bowling is purchased then these must have a flat smooth heelless sole added. Sandals and other open shoes must have a back strap. Colour of footwear must be predominantly white.


Full Dress Code mandatory with an option for the Club Captain to declare which of Club blues or whites are obligatory for each match.

Club Championship Finals

Full Dress Code mandatory including white or Club blue shirts providing all Members of a team wear the same colour.

Club Competitions and Rollups

The Club Captain or competition Organiser may vary the Dress ccode for these events although normally the requirement will be as follows.

As Full Dress Code except that shorts, trousers, skirts or cropped trousers may be grey. Ladies may wear tops not necessarily with a collar but still modest and covering the shoulders.


The club has registered with CBBA to wear coloured shirts as an option to “whites.” This option can be exercised at the Club’s discretion but conditionally that the colour decided must be worn by the whole side for that occasion.

Jogging or tracksuit bottoms and jeans are not acceptable. Shorts or cropped trousers with draw strings, toggles, large outside, or patch pockets on the legs or other adornments are not acceptable.

Rules for Club Day Rollups

The registration of members at a Rollup is undertaken by the Organiser of the Roll up. Members will be responsible for indicating their presence at the Rollup by registering against their name on the attendance sheet. This will be found on the table outside the Equipment hut. Participants will be expected to have completed this within 15 minutes before the start of the Rollup.

After the bell has been rung, ladies will be expected to come to the Organiser and draw a counter from the receptacle containing them. The counter will tell you on which rink and in which team (white/black) you will play. It will also indicate the position in which you will play but this can be changed by swapping with another team member if mutually agreed. Once all the ladies have completed their draw, gentlemen will draw a counter from the receptacle to determine their rink, team and position. Again, they can swap their position with another team member if mutually agreed.

Normally draws will be made for pairs, triples and/or rinks matches. Sometimes, there will be an odd number of players. To cater for this situation, three “K” counters will be placed in the receptacle. They will not indicate on which rink this threesome will play. The Organiser will inform Members holding these counters on which rink they will play. Drawees of these counters will be able to choose whether to play “KILLER” or “3-2-1” with the others drawn on that rink. If the Member drawing one of these counters and does not wish to play either of these games, the counter may be returned to the receptacle and another counter drawn. The Organiser will explain how to play these games.    

If intending participants are late or fail to sign in on the attendance list before the Organiser places the counters in the receptacle, that person will not play in the Rollup but will have to play separately on a practice rink.

If a team so wishes, positions of play within a team may be exchanged but obviously only after seeking agreement for this from the opposing team before executing the change. Play will normally be over 18 ends unless otherwise agreed. Breaks for refreshment may be either approximately midway through the play, say after 10 ends, or at completion of the play at the option of players and opponents on any one rink as agreed between themselves.                                              

August, 2014.

Bowls Club Etiquette

CODE OF ETIQUETTE – as at September, 2013.

  1. All Members are required to sign-in at the rinkside on Club roll-up days and organised event days where there is no starting list. Social Members and Guests must pay the appropriate green fee to the Member organising the occasion, or in the event of casual appearance pay directly to the Hacienda staff, but always prior to playing.
  2. Be conversant with the Laws of the Game and observe them.
  3. Respect the decision of the Umpire
  4. Be punctual to commence play at all matches and come to each game correctly attired.
  5. Mobile phones must be switched off. In special cases of need, set to vibrate and inform your playing partners in advance.
  6. Keep quiet and refrain from moving when players are on the mat.
  7. Stand behind the mat while your opponent bowls.
  8. Always allow your opponent the right to the head as spelt out in the Laws of the Game, failure to do so decreases the enjoyment of the game.
  9. Walk close to the centre of the rink with minimum delay when changing ends, you could distract play on the next rink.
  10. Do not delay play, always bowl your next bowl with the minimum delay.
  11. Be aware of others around you and any effect your own behavior and play might have on them (e.g. firing, interference with adjoining rinks when collecting bowls, running between ends).
  12. Never deliver your bowl before the previous bowl has come to rest.
  13. Keep track of play, be ready to bowl when it is your turn.
  14. Always pay your skip the respect of waiting for his/her decision.
  15. Never applaud lucky bowls – accept them graciously.
  16. Never complain about lucky bowls – they tend to equal each other out over the season.
  17. Keep surround of green clear of obstructions. Bags and other items must be stored under the benches or beyond a line corresponding to the rear of the benches. Do not smoke, eat or drink on the green – retire to a line at least corresponding to the line of the benches. Smokers please discard your spent cigarettes in the sand-trays provided.
  18. It is the responsibility of the Skips and all Members to ensure ALL equipment is put away following completion of their match. Make sure at the finish that the bowls area is tidy.
  19. Encourage players, and especially visitors,  to use the steps provided when stepping down onto the green or leaving. Our surrounds are higher above the green than most.
  20. Always inform your opponent if you wish to leave the green.
  21. If you lose, be a good loser, don’t blame your loss on other people, the green, weather conditions etc.
  22. Win or lose, always shake hands with your opponents and thank them for the game. Don’t be too taken with your win today, the position could be reversed tomorrow.
  23. At the close of inter-club matches and similar events offer your opponents a drink after the game. It is always a nice gesture after any match and especially if you win.
  24. When playing singles, whether you have won or lost, be sure to thank the marker and offer him or her a drink. Remember that they have given their time to assist in your game. You can repay him or her by being courteous in return.
  25. It is polite to thank the umpire of the day before leaving the Club.
  26. Learn to be a good marker. When offering your services, remember a marker can make or break a game. Obtain a copy of the ‘Duties of a Marker’.
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